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About Us

Sea Scents has been a 5 year mother daughter venture. We love beautiful soaps and have been using the finest soaps from France, England and Italy for many years. We decided to set out in search of a high quality Triple Milled, Shea Butter Enriched soap using the finest ingredients and manufactured in Australia.  We found an artisan with a passion for traditional soap-making and authentic fragrances.

Our soaps are luxurious and aromatic and made from pure plant oils using the finest quality ingredients.  They are an affordable luxury that everyone can indulge in. We have a vast range of beautiful fragrances to suit every taste and every mood.

We at Sea Scents are proud to support Australian made products and have endeavoured to source all our requirements within Australia.  We aim to be recognised for the quality and value of our products and are eager to share our scents and fragrances.



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